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Beauty No Size

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Make everyone more beautiful.

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It seems that over the past decade, bloated, big-framed, burly physiques have become the hallmark of women who wear plus-size clothing. Most of the plus-size people are slightly obese, with an average age of 28-45 years old. Mainstream fashion brands have traditionally ignored the needs of plump consumers, and plus-size consumers should have gotten more attention.

And at this very moment, the Sisiful brand is born in 2021. But at this time we were just a small scale, a small team, less than 20 people, and at that time we were serving a small group of plus-size women. Life was very difficult at that time, not only had to face the complicated sales market certainty and satisfaction, but also managed within the factory. We still remember that a respected lady once approached we about the size problem, but we were unsure. We don’t know whether this size is really suitable for this market, or it’s just her the personal case is this size. We struggled for a long time for this, and finally a friend of mine suggested to me, "let's do a market research", I followed his advice, and finally found the problem. It turned out It's that every plus-size woman has different body proportions, just like our faces. Some faces are in golden ratio, while others are in rectangular proportions. The same is true for their bodies. Later, we carried out targeted measures. Optimization and reform, and finally made a satisfactory product.

Now the goal of Sisiful is to teach women and young women how to dress in the trends that make them feel fabulous in their shape.

Company Size

50-100 people

Business Model

D2C(Direct to Customer) / Online

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